YUMMI Round Wool Rug - Honey Comb

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YUMMI Round Wool Rug - Honey Comb

Unique and beautifully designed, the YUMMI felt, round wool rug, Honey Comb, is perfect for your baby's nursery room and will easily grow with your child. 

YUMMI rugs are made with 100% lambs wool and are naturally stain-resistant and and non-absorbant, making them great for the home and easy to care for. These rugs contain more lanolin, a natural oil, than commercially processed wool rugs, which further protects against staining and foot traffic making them ideal as a child's room rug.

Chosen for its strength and durability the round wool rugs shed much less than other types of high quality wool rugs because of the felted construction. Over time this rug will soften and the colors will brighten.  This rug should not be used as a door mat or in areas that may get wet. Available in numerous sizes.

Shipping: Please allow a minimum of 21 days for this item to ship.
NOTE:  This item ships for $95.00, any size! It is not eligible for Free Shipping.

Recommended Care:

  • Daily care-Shake or sweep off surface dirt as needed.
  • Cleaning-Clean professionally or do it yourself. You can wash yourself by hosing down outside. Use a mild liquid soap and never clothing detergent as it could contain bleach. Remove excess water by rolling and standing upright. When most of the water is drained, lay flat. Dries quickly in the sun. If you choose to clean professionally, choose a reputable rug cleaner and request hand washing.
  • Clean up spills immediately for best results-Blot with a clean towel thoroughly. It is helpful to place one towel under the area and another over it and then stand on it. If the spill is anything other than water we advise wetting the area slightly with water and blotting again thoroughly. Repeat to insure that the substance is removed. Careful and thorough blotting will prevent a ring from forming. Avoid rigorous scrubbing as this will set stain. Fans can aid in drying. If the stain persists clean professionally.
  • DO NOT use a vacuum with a beater brush (the spinning bristled brush).
  • DO NOT machine wash.
  • Storing- YUMMI rugs are not treated with any harmful chemicals to protect them from moths. Be careful when storing. Thoroughly clean your rug before storing. Brush both sides well. Place in a garment or thick plastic bag and tie knot tightly. DO NOT use moth balls with plastic. We do not recommend the use of moth balls as they contain toxic chemicals dangerous to animals and children.

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