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Fashion Tutus for Girls, Pettiskirts and Pettidresses

Fashion Tutus for Girls, Girls Pettiskirts and Petti Dresses. What's the Difference?

Every girl loves a tutu!  Tutus for girls and Pettiskirts aren't just for the stage or for under her dress anymore.  No, they are a fashion staple and you can find at least one (usually more) in almost every little girl's closet. 

Today’s tutus are available for various tastes and preferences. Carefully selected, posh tu tus, petti dresses and petti skirts are ideal for your little girl and fit every occasion; including, those very special surprises!

Couture tutus, pettiskirts and pettidresses are not only fashionable, they also appeal to fun loving fashionistas from the very young to those who love them!

If you are a new mommy or new grandmother and unfamiliar with these dazzling girl couture fashions here are some fashion terms you'll want to know.  They’re easy to remember and as unforgettable as the smile on your little girl’s face when she receives her first!

Tutu skirts are worn for everyday dress or as costumes by little girls.  Girls have fun pairing them with tops or blouses; laying them over a favorite pair of leggings or with mismatched legwarmers for a fun and funky look.  Tutu dresses are generally sleeveless and normally cover the body from the chest to the waist.  As tutus for girls gain in popularity little girls can be seen wearing them for everything from playing hopscotch on the playground to walking down the aisle in a sweeping flower girl tutu dress.  The opportunities to dress-up like the princess she is are limitless.

Pettiskirts are inspired by the petticoat of long ago but are no longer hidden underneath heavy skirts. Today, they have their own place in fashion from the boardwalk to the catwalk and are openly worn as skirts.  Usually made from nylon chiffon, taffetas and organdy; pettiskirts  are delightfully soft to the touch, dazzling and a piece of magic for every girl, fitting for her popular appearance at events and special occasions or for everyday wear.

Petti skirts and Petti Dresses for girls have been in season since Christian Dior reinvented the petticoat-and hence each piece of clothing is a unique fashion statement for every girl and many women, too. Have you heard of fashion designer, Betsy Johnson? We LOVE her funky fabulous pettiskirt fashions! Petti skirts and Petti Dresses are usually full bodied with layers and layers of fabric and ruffles - girls just love how the twirl when spinning. Our favorites are those made with super soft chiffon.

Tutus for girls come in various intriguing sizes and shapes. Some favorite colors available are dashing purple, candy pink or earthy brown.  Each creates a different feel and appeal and with different motifs and varieties, making it is easy to pick specific tutus for different occasions. Tutus are usually made with tulle, a type of fine netting.  So, be careful to choose only those made with the softest, high quality tulle; otherwise, your little one may refuse to wear it because it's itchy.

A birthday tutu is the ideal party costume for any young girl with Cinderella dreams. Birthday tutus turn a regular birthday party into an unforgettable and happy occasion.  It’s easy to create a fantasy or fairyland birthday theme with simple girl’s tutus, too.  Choose a different color tutuskirt for each party guest, add a pair of fairy wings, a wand and voila, instant magic.  You can also gift the tutus to her guests for a magical, memorable party!

Want to add an extra special touch?  Choose a custom tutu in her favorite color(s) and pair with a whimsical shirt or have one personalized with her name for a look that is all her own.  

So, next time your little girl wants to feel extra special or has an event or needs an outfit for a very special occasion, turn to tutus, pettiskirts and pettidresses.  Because your girls deserve to have fun while enjoying the finer things in life!

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