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Saige Nicoles Baby Boutique Blog

Upscale baby boutique offering unique and chic items for babies and toddlers. Luxury moses baskets, Tutus for girls, Personalized baby gifts, Mommy jewelry, Baby crib bedding, boy fedora hats.

Quick, Nutritious Recipes for Breastfeeding Moms

To keep your energy  levels and milk production up, make sure you stay well-hydrated, eat right and enjoy these Quick, Nutritious Recipes for Breastfeeding (or not) Moms.

Unexpected Kindergarten: 7 things children 'really' learn in Kindergarten

When children enter Kindergarten, parents need to expect the unexpected.  This series of hilarious pictures will have you realizing there's more to Kindergarten than just learning the ABC's.

STOP! Do Not Use Sunscreen Sprays On Your Children

Do you love the convenience of a spray sunscreen?  We do.  However, recently, the Food and Drug Administration announced that it was investigating the potential risks of spray sunscreens, particularly for children.

Graco recalls harness buckles on more than 3.7 million baby and toddler car seats.

Graco Recalls Harness Buckles on more than 3.7 million baby and toddler car seats.

Fourth of July Style and Party Ideas

It's Heating Up. Is Your Family Weather Ready? Hot Weather Safety Rules.

Dressing Your Baby for Warm Weather: What Every Mom Should Know

Zainy for ZigZag: Our Love Affair with Chevron Stripes

Zainy for ZigZag: Our Love Affair with Chevron Stripes

A Mother's Day Gift for You!

A Mother's Day gift for you!

JP Lizzy Diaper Bag Sale Just In Time for Mother's Day

SPECIAL OFFER:  April 28 thru May 10 SAVE 20% on JP Lizzy Designs AND receive Free Domestic Shipping when you enter the code FREESHIPPING at checkout!

3 Ideas for Baby Shower Gifts That Stand Out

Decaf Plush Spring 2014 Collection Has Arrived!

This spring take the garden with you.  Decaf Plush has filled their Spring 2014 collection with all of the colors and freshness of a beautiful spring day.

Baby's First Easter Outfit

Beautiful and timeless. Empress Arts linen clothing for baby boys and girls are exceptional for baby's first Easter, Birthday and Baptisms, too.

Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow Mommy Give-A-Way

ENTER  for your chance to WIN a Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow in your choice of one of the 9 beautiful prints available at Saige Nicole's.  Contest opens Tuesday, March 18 and ends Monday, March 31, 2014 at midnight. See complete rules for details.

Hospital Bag Checklist: Packing Your Labor Bag

Normally bright individuals seem to lose all sense of reason and regress to a mentality of caveman-like behavior when their spouse goes into labor.  Well, we may be exaggerating a little; however,  planning before all the commotion is the best way to insure that your hospital bag is packed and ready to go when you go into labor.

Couture Halloween Tutu Costumes Are Here!

Every little girl dreams of dressing up like her favorite character at Halloween time. This year make her dreams come true with her very own Couture Halloween Tutu Costume!

How To Make Tissue Paper Pom Poms for Decorative Fun

Tissue paper pom poms can add a great deal of whimsy to your baby's nursery room or child's birthday. Follow this tutorial for an easy how to make perfect tissue paper pom poms for any occasion or room in your home.

Children's Fall 2013 Fashions are brimming on retro-esq 60′s inspired style

Children’s Fall 2013 fashions are brimming on retro-esq 60′s inspired style think Mad Men for kids.  Peter Pan collars, kick pleats and the plaids of your parents youth make a come back in a big way for Fall 2013 kids styles that are pleasantly proper, with a 21st Century twist.

Royal Baby Fever: 10 Of Our Favorite Baby Gifts Fit For A Royal Prince

10 Favorite Baby Gifts Fit For A Royal Prince.  From kitschy trinkets to heirloom quality gifts, these baby gifts can be enjoyed by all little princes and their royal court.

Pool Safety: 10 Safety Concerns for Parents With Pools

One of the quickest ways to become the most popular parents on the block is to install a swimming pool in your backyard. Guaranteeing hours of fun through the dog days of summer, pools are the centerpiece of a great backyard bash and a delight for all ages. There are, however, a few safety concerns that parents should acknowledge before opening their new oasis to the public; here are ten of the most important:

7 Important Estate Planning Things to Do Before You Travel

Are you planning a trip this summer?  Make sure you check all of these things off of your to-do list before you leave!

Sun Safety Tips for Children: Don't Let the Weather Be Your Guide. Protect Your Child from Over-exposure to the Sun’s Harmful Rays with These Helpful Sunburn Prevention Tips and Sunburn Treatment

Don't let their summer fun be ruined due to over-exposure to the sun's harmful rays.  By following these easy preventative measures, you and your little one can have a summer full of laughter and memories to last a lifetime. 

Nutrition And Your Baby: Getting It Right From The Start

If you're not a parent with lots of spare time to make your own baby food from scratch (most of us are forced to multi task all day), there are lots of excellent options. 

Infant Massage: Bond Between Baby and Mom

Many believe that babies grow and act better when they receive an infant massage. Infant massage is a skin-to-skin connection that helps parents and an infant connect better with one another. Besides the fact that it is exciting to work with your baby, massage can help babies grow and develop better and can work to improve their digestion.

Easter Around The World

Whether celebrating in the religious manner with the traditions of the church, or by decorating eggs and hiding them throughout the house, most families in the United States, as well as other countries around the world celebrate the Easter Holiday in some way or another

Choosing The Right Shoes for Your Baby or Toddler

Shoes for toddlers are of paramount importance. Two things will be happening to your toddler at the same stage that they need shoes. The first is that they are learning to stand, walk and run, all of which require good balance, control, grip and confidence of movement. 

How To Organize Your Kids School and Art Work

Your great plan for the summer was to go through all your child's school work/art work they brought home this past school year but yikes there is so much of it where is the best place to start?

Christmas Fun In The Kitchen

Christmas-time may be hectic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to cook with your kids. If you look at the opportunity right, your kids can be big helpers during this stressful time.

A Parenting Tip - Enjoying Your Babys First Holiday Season

Having a new baby in the home at the holidays is always exciting. Here's a parenting tip that will help you and your baby truly enjoy this special time of year.

Personalized Baby Gifts Make A Lasting Baby Keepsake

Personalized baby gifts are such a treasured keepsake. When you are looking for the perfect baby gift, you can’t go wrong with a personalized gift. Whether you are looking for a new baby gift or trying to find the perfect gift for a baby shower, by taking the time to create a personalized gift, you will give the family something to treasure for years to come.

Summer 2013 Children's Fashion Trends

Polka dots.  They just seem to make everything so much more fun and whimsical.  Maybe they remind us of childhood carnivals and balloons; or, our favorite candies like bubblegum balls and gobstoppers. Whatever hold it has over us, every generation seems to love them and Summer 2013 children’s fashion trends are no exception. This season, designers are having more fun than ever by pairing them with bold chevron stripes.

Designer Spotlight: Behind the Scenes with Ellen Uzarowicz, Right Bank Babies

Designer Spotlight:  Behind the Scenes with Ellen Uzarowicz, Right Bank Babies

Designer Spotlight: Behind the Scenes with Wendy Ayers, Wendy Anne Moses Baskets Entrepreneur | Designer | Business Owner | Mom

Behind the Scenes with Wendy Anne Moses Basket's. interview with Saige Nicole's

Winter Crafts: Paper Snowflakes. Create Your Own Winter Wonderland

Paper Snowflakes.  How To Create Your Own Winter Wonderland.

Heartfelt Jewelry for Mom and Baby

POSH Mommy Jewelry, PlanetJill Photo Jewelry and Abela Jewelry for Girls inspire girls of all ages to express their individuality and beauty and are created with thought, purpose and to celebrate LIFE.

Traveling With Children: 10 Vacation Tips for (an almost) Stress Free Trip

You’re looking forward to that long awaited family vacation and counting down the days. Suddenly, anxiety takes over and you begin fantasizing about the seemingly endless hours waiting in line at the airport wondering if you’ll make it through TSA without a hitch, or how you’ll keep your children entertained for hours at the airport and then on the plane. Oh, and how about schlepping the car seat, stroller, diaper bag and luggage around with kids in tow? YIKES! 

How To Capture Your Best Family Holiday Portrait

Pumpkin season is officially here! And you know what that means... you'll be decking the halls and fa-la-la-la-la-ing before you know it. So before things get super-crazy for the season, it's time to tackle your family portrait for your holiday card and family gifts .

What To Do With Your Leftover Halloween Candy

The costumes are put away and Halloween decorations are coming down but what are you going to do with all of the leftover Halloween Candy?  Well, we have 4 ideas that will hope will make your children feel good about bequeathing at least some of their hard-earned bounty and help to keep the temptations away from parents too.

Red Tricycle MOST AWEOME Awards

It feels good to be ♥'d and we could not be more thrilled that Saige Nicole's (www.SaigeNicoles.com) has made the cut in Red Tricycles Most Awesome Awards!

Owl Themed Baby Gifts That Charm

Owl themed baby gifts and baby accessories have become very popular.  What is it about owls that seem to charm children and adults?

Fa-BOO-lous Kids Halloween Costumes and Gifts For Your Little Ghouls and Ghosts

This season, shop for some of the cutest kids costumes for your little ghosts and ghouls.

BOO Your Neighbors for Fun!

Boo Your Neighbors for a Halloween Tradition that will "live" on

The OMG! Back-to-School Sched'

It’s that time again! BACK TO SCHOOL! Just when you thought you got the hang of having the kids home, it’s time to get into the groove of getting them back to school.  Not to worry because I’ve compiled The OMG! Back-to-School Sched’ (yes, “Schedule”is abbreviated… you’re welcome) to help transition you and your family back into the school year groove seamlessly and effortlessly in 10 easy-to follow steps outlined below!  

Homemade Soups to Warm The Soul

Fall is a time of fireplaces and throw-blankets, homemade chili, grilled cheese sandwiches and soups. Comfort foods that bring warmth to our bodies and to our spirit.

Fall 2012 Kids Fashions: Starting The School Year With Style!

IT'S HERE!  Take a peek and be the first to own the best Fall 2012 Kids Fashion designs from your favorite children's clothing designers.

What's For Dinner?

I would spend a Saturday running around to numerous specialty stores for the perfect meats, vegetables, breads, desserts and wines.

Picture Perfect: How To Capture Those "must have shots" On The First Day of School

Your child's first day of school is definitely a milestone in their life... and YOURS! It's an exciting day and emotions can run high. Here are a few tips and how to enjoy the momentous occasion while capturing it all with your camera.

Delicious and Fun School Lunch Ideas For A Stress Free Start To The School Year

Hey Mom! Are you ready for the school year to start? Are you ready to pack lunches and get your kids up at the break of dawn?  Well, we’re going to share with you, Delicious and Fun School Lunch Ideas For A Stress Free Start To The School Year!

The Power of Play

Children are a great reminder that exercising the power of play can lead to overall happiness and fulfillment. As adults, it may be hard to imagine as we trudge about with our heads down focusing on smart phones and our many commitments to fulfill.  Now that we’re headed into the warmer months we will have plenty of opportunities to learn from and reflect on the brilliance of the children in our midst and experience for ourselves, The Power of Play.

May 11th: Mommy and Me Photos

Easter Basket Gifts and Fashions for Boys and Girls

Easter Basket Gifts and Fashions for Boys and Girls

March 24: Spring Fling @ The Mix

March 17: St. Patricks Day, Farmers Market and Face Painting @ The Mix

Picture Perfect Props for Amazing Newborn Baby Photos

When you drive past a field of flowers are you in awe of its beauty? Have you ever dreamed of swimming with mermaids?  Do you instantly smile when you hear birds sing on a beautiful spring day?  Well, today’s designers who specialize in newborn infant and baby photo props have those dreams too and are bringing their visions to life in photo props that will transcend your imagination into reality all while creating magnificent newborn infant and baby pictures that stir your emotions.

Spring 2012 Children's Fashion Trends

Candy coated goodness and whimsical graphics launch the Spring 2012 Children’s Fashion Season. Fashion conscious parents will have a great time satisfying their sweet tooth with all the yummy candy shades available in fashions and accessories for boys and girls.

February Photo Event with Image32 Photography

Professional Photographer and Owner of Image32 Photography (image32photography.com), Jen Ramos will be here to capture your little one in a natural setting for candid images that will take your breath away during our February Photo Session.

Birthday Party Bootcamp: Everything To Make Your Child's Next Birthday Party Perfect

Birthday Party Bootcamp: Everything To Make Your Child's Next Birthday Party Perfect

Mommy and Me Workshop: Fun Phonics. Fun Facts

6 Smart Phone Apps Smart Moms Will Love in 2012

Using Smart Phones and Smart Phone Devices, moms are organizing their day and keeping children entertained all with a swipe of the finger.

5 Toys Tots Love for $25 or Less

Toys…Toys…Toys! All children love toys and as parents and grandparents we love to give them. Better yet, we love to give toys even more when they have an underlying benefit like educational toys or toys that allow children to use their imagination. Well, we’ve picked some of our favorite educational Toys Tots Love for $25 or Less that encourage family participation and playful imagination.

Spring 2011: Whimsical Children's Fashion Tends by Decaf Plush

Spring 2011: Whimsical Children's Fashion Tends by Decaf Plush


Spring Preview: Alejandra Kearl Girl's Spring Fashions

Infused with a bohemian vibe, our gorgeous children’s collection of Alejandra Kearl Designs offers savvy parents a shopping experience happily shared with their little ones!

TREND SPOTTING....Children's 2011 Spring Fashions

This spring, children’s boutique clothing designers reach deep into the archives of cherished childhood memories to create looks reminiscent of years gone by. Taking their cue from classic storybook favorites like Dick and Jane and Peter Rabbit, quality details and workmanship unlike those seen in recent years,

Spring 2011 Catalog Is Here! Style Ideas and Accessories To Dress Your Little Doll and Dude!

Spring Has Arrived. Let The Merriment of Childhood Begin. Shop the seasons looks and 'ways to wear' as you browse through our 2011 spring catalog.


Birthstone Jewelry Treasures That Celebrate Being Mom and Family

Extraordinary, whimsical, memorable! Birthstone jewelry that will capture her heart.

Photo Jewelry For Mother's Day: Capturing Moments That Words Can't

Gorgeous sterling silver and 14 kt gold necklaces, bracelets and ring promise to touch her heart more than words could ever express.

5 Quick and Easy Recipe Ideas for Leftover Easter Eggs

It's the day after Easter and you open your refrigerator to a kaleidoscope of hardboiled Easter eggs. Now what? 

Happy Mothers Day - Make your own Mother's Day Garden

Make your own Mother's Day Garden with your children like the one above that we found at kiboomu.com

10 Vacation Tips For A (almost) Stress Free Flight When Flying with Young Children

How will you keep your children entertained for hours at the airport and then on the plane. YIKES! Well, before you pick up the phone and cancel your reservations read our 10 Vacation Tips for A (almost) Stress Free Flight When Flying with Young Children.

Saige Nicoles Opens At The OC Mart Mix In Costa Mesa, CA

After 4 1/2 years on-line, we have taken our family business to the next level. We are super excited to announce that we've opened our first brick-and-mortar store at the hip and fashionable OC Mart Mix in Costa Mesa, CA!


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