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Zainy for ZigZag: Our Love Affair with Chevron Stripes

Everyone seems to be zainy for zigzag!  These popular stripes are seen on everything in fashion from home furnishings, to décor, to baby nursery rooms and clothing

But, chevron stripes aren’t new to fashion; there is evidence of them in Vogue magazine as far back as the 1930’s. So, what is it about the chevron stripe that keeps them coming back into popularity? 

Popular reasons:

  • Chevron stripes are slimming and provide a sense of movement that appeal to the eye.
  • Chevron stripes can be paired easily with other prints.
  • Chevron stripes add an element of playfulness.

Today, savvy shoppers have learned how to incorporate the playful zig zag stripes into their daily lives.  Regardless of personal style, chevron stripes can be found in the homes and on the garments of the most bohemian maverick to the most sophisticated fashionista. 

Parents have also discovered that chevron stripes add an element of whimsy to their baby's nursery room without being too juvenile. This allows the room to grow with the child instead of having to change it after a few years.

So, weather you want bold and daring, or demure and sweet, try incorporating chevron stripes into your wardrobe, home décor and baby nursery room and embrace your zainy side.

The fabulous Aretha Franklin shows off her playful side in a chevron print dress

Bold, black and white chevron stripes embellish an accent wall and clothing to create a playful yet sophisticated look. Source: Carried Away Blog

Understated, chevron stripes are painted on the floor in this bathroom using monotone color to promote a serene space. Source: House to Home Blog

Paired with polka dots and luxury fabrics, chevron stripes in a baby's nursery room create a playful surrounding that will grow with your child.  Source: Saige Nicole's baby boutique

Chevron Inspired Birthday.  Source: Tiny Prints


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