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Winter Crafts: Paper Snowflakes. Create Your Own Winter Wonderland

Paper snowflakes: Create your own winter wonderland

Paper Snowflakes.  This craft brought out the kid in me and I had so much fun sitting down with my youngest son after school and  creating our own winter wonderland.

I referred to the Internet to refresh my memory and found loads of tutorials and how to's. Things have certainly changed since elementary school and I was amazed at by some of the beautiful paper snowflakes I saw. People are really creative.

It took some time to find one that I felt I could do with my 7 year old, and we adjusted it a little. Vaughn found it hard to cut the snowflakes out since the paper became so thick after folding it over a few times.  So instead of cutting, he enjoyed gluing and sprinkling on glitter - which, in my opinion, really made the snowflakes 'pop'. (Note: be careful to not sprinkle on too much glitter.  It can weigh the snowflakes down and they won't hang well).

Yes, there were quite a few blunders and oops but we finally got the hang of it and I soon felt like Edward Scissorhands among the piles of paper scraps. We made big, small and medium sized snowflakes for the Christmas Tree, to hang on the ceiling and even to create a paper snowflake chandelier.  Yep, you can say we were a bit obsessed with making paper snowflakes.

What I really liked about this craft, is that I had everything I needed already at home and it is relatively easy.  But the absolute best thing, was spending time with my son just having fun.


  • white paper
  • scissors
  • glue and glitter (optional)


Paper Snowflake 'How To' web-sites we liked:

Vintage Junky: How to cut paper snowflakes (with template)
How About Orange: How to make 5-pointed paper snowflakes
Apartment Therapy: Two DIY Paper Snowflakes (these are really ornate and beautiful.)

You Tube Video: DIY: Beautiful  Paper Snowflakes

written by: Wendy Navarro,
Owner Saige Nicole's baby and toddler boutique


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