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The OMG! Back-to-School Sched'

written by Leah Arnold-Smeets, Emiko Consulting

The OMG! Back-to-School Sched’

It’s that time again! BACK TO SCHOOL! Just when you thought you got the hang of having the kids home, it’s time to get into the groove of getting them back to school.  Not to worry because I’ve compiled The OMG! Back-to-School Sched’ (yes, “Schedule”is abbreviated… you’re welcome) to help transition you and your family back into the school year groove seamlessly and effortlessly in 10 easy-to follow steps outlined below!  

The OMG! Back-to-School Sched’

1.  Rise and Shine

2.  Get Out - drop the kids off (yay!)

3.  Make That Dollar

4.  Get In - pick the kids up(not so yay!)

5.  Work Hard / Play Hard

6.  Dine n’ Dash... to the Sink!

7.  Rub-a-Dub-Dub

8.  Awesome Mom Time (Meal Planning)

9.  Not A Peep Time

10.  Shut Eye


Rise and Shine- You may want to rise and shine 30 minutes before your family does for the sole purpose of getting the coffee maker started before ANYONE has a chance to ask you ANYTHING! This is a crucial step in the morning process, so PLEASE, if there’s anything you do out of these 10 steps, do this! Ok, after you have made coffee and have had your first sip, get the rest of the family up to start the day.  Get everyone showered, dressed, and fed (the “fed”part will be covered in greater detail under the “Awesome Mom Time” later on), into the car, and dropped off at school/daycare.

  • Tip:  A great way to prevent the “I don’t want to wear that… or that!” battle in the morning is to have your child select 5 - 7 outfits that he/she wants to wear for that week and put those outfits (socks, underwear, Legos, swords, pixie dust and all) in a gallon-sized freezer bag and lay them inside his/her drawer.  This way, he/she has 5-7 outfits to choose from for the week and there’s no confusion as to what’s in his/her closet or drawer to wear. Be clear that he/she needs to choose wisely because once the bags are sealed, there’s no going back!

Make That Dollar- Now it’s time for you to get down to business and make that dollar! Whether you’re a corporate mama or a “momtrepreneur”, here are a few tips to help you be super productive during work hours:

  • Don’t respond to email until 10 am!  DON’T TOUCH IT OR ALL OF YOUR HAIR WILL FALL OUT! Ok, maybe not, but it will help you be more productive with your morning hours and prevent your email from interrupting your work day.
  • Turn off all email notifications and sounds!  You should be the one checking your email at a set time during the day.  If you are constantly being interrupted with new emails, then you’re never going to finish a thought or a project.  The key to being productive is allowing yourself the time and space to finish things you’ve begun.  Start by turning off your email notifications and see how much more productive you are. 
  • Make lists!  If there’s anything I’ve perfected in life, it’s making lists! Start your day out by organizing your thoughts with a list, then prioritizing that list accordingly.  It’s okay to add to your list(s) throughout the day, but you want to be sure to also cross as many things off your list(s) as you are adding. Also, be careful that you don’t get carried away with lists, though.  You don’t want your home and/or office looking like the movie Memento.  

Work Hard / Play Hardset a daily, fixed schedule for homework & play time.  When boundaries are clear, it’s more difficult for kids to fuss.  They know that play time will come IF AND ONLY IF they complete their homework!

               3pm - 3:59pm - Homework time w/out any breaks
               4pm - 4:59pm - Play time
               5pm - 5:59pm - Homework time w/out any breaks

Dine n’ Dash... to the Sink!- After dinner, everyone picks up after themselves and cleans the areas they’ve used during the day… rooms included.  Take 15 minutes TOPS to complete this task.  Ready. Set. Go!

Rub-a-Dub-DubIf you can, let someone else bathe the little ones so that you can move on to the next step in the schedule.

Awesome Mom Time!- This time is set aside for YOU, the Mama! This is when you get all of the lunches packed and prep the next day’s breakfast AND dinner.  That’s how AWESOME you are during this time.  Here are some great sites for meal planning:

  • Lunches– check out Saige Nicoles’ Blog Post on Delicious & Fun School Lunch Ideas For A Stress Free Start To The School Year.
  • BreakfastReal Simple Magazine has 9 unconventional quick, easy, healthy ideas that include donuts (yum!), chocolate milk, cheese, shakes, and more! {click here}
  • DinnerI came across this amazing blog called mama and babylove and there are some FAB-U-LOUS recipes for once a month cooking, bulk cooking, freezer meals, crockpot meals, gluten-free cooking, cooking so you never have to work again… ok, maybe not that last one, but you never know nowadays! Click here for these amazing recipes!

Quiet TimeNo matter how young or old we are, we ALL need quiet time to wind down from the craziness of the day.  So, make it mandatory for EVERYONE to take a good 30 to 45 minutes before bedtime to read or relax sans cell phones.

Now it’s time for some well-deserved Shut-Eye.  You can now rest knowing that the meals are prepped, the house is clean, the school outfits are ready to go, there won’t be a huge fight about when homework time is and isn’t, dinner and clean-up will be a breeze, and you will still have YOU time at the end of each and every day!


Read this if and only if you want to be a really awesome mom that all the other moms are jealous of…

Super Awesome Mom Tip:  To prevent the disappointment of not attending each and every recital, show, play, and practice throughout the school year, have each of your kids bring their calendar of events and tell them each to select 3 of the 5 events for you to attend. This way, you and your kids know which events you will and won’t be attending, preventing the inevitable letdown of a no-show day-of.  This will also teach your kids the art of planning ahead and time management, which are two key traits of successful business leaders.

Smartie Pants Image from:http://bethproudfoot.blogspot.com/2010/08/smartie-pants.html

Wall Calendar Image from: http://www.pinchdesign.com

Lunch Basket Image from: http://budgetwisehome.com/back-to-school-organization/



written by Leah Arnold-Smeets, Emiko Consulting  for Saige Nicole's baby and toddler boutique
  All rights reserved.

This article may be reprinted with credit given to the source and author. Please contact info at saigenicoles dot com  for questions.



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