Spring 2014 Baby Nursery Room Trends: The Golden Age

Spring 2014 is promising to be the Golden Age for all things baby.  From dazzling baby bedding and nursery room wall art, to baby essentials, and simple luxuries like headbands and shoes, parents are reaching for the gold this season and catching gold fever.

Strike it rich this season, as gold is branded the new "neutral" for spring.  Easily pair with traditional nursery room colors, like pink and blue,  to easily create a modern twist on classic favorites.

Modern prints like polka dots and zig zags continue to have wide appeal so, you'll find many popular children's accessories and clothing paired with gold to create whimsically fresh looks you're going to love!

From ceiling to floor, gold is adorning nursery rooms everywhere.  Parents no longer need to shy away from the bold look of gilded accessories for their baby's nursery.  This spring is the perfect time to embrace your inner royal and indulge in its luxury.

Don't keep your obsession for gold hidden this season.  Children's wear designers are turning up the volume when it comes to incorporating gold in their designs. But be careful not to overload your precious little one in a gaudy display.  When choosing the metallic favorite, opt for one, no more than two, little treasures to pair with your favorite outfit and watch how family, friends and strangers alike flood you with compliments on your trend setting ways.