Diaper Bag Checklist. What to Pack for A Happy Baby and Happy Mom

Diaper Bag Checklist.  What to Pack for A Happy Baby and Happy Mom

Now that you’re a mom the days of running out the door on a whim are behind you. You have to think for two and little did you know that a tiny little baby could need so much “stuff” just for a day out.  But they do.  So, take heed and check your list, not once but twice, and keep your sanity with our Diaper Bag Checklist for a Happy Outing, Baby and Mom.

For Baby:

  • Diapers (rule of thumb: 1 for every hour you plan to be out, plus a few extras.  Hint: small box of diapers in your car so you are always prepared)
  • Wipees.  As long as you have a full wipes case you should be o.k. but don’t forget to stock in before every outing.  You can also use these to wipe off baby’s hands and clothes when messes occur.
  • Changing Pad: Most diaper bags come with a matching changing pad nowadays.  If you don’t have one you can buy one at your local baby store.  Different types of changing pads include cloth, and plastic which can easily be wiped down after each use.  If you use a cloth changing pad be sure to wash it regularly.
  • Wet Bag.  Wet bags are great to separate soiled cloth diapers, clothing, bibs etc. from the other items in your diaper bag.  Washable wet bags can be purchased at your local baby store.
  • Diaper balm.
  • Bottles and/or Formula.
  • Nursing cover for nursing moms.  Many nursing covers also do a great job of doubling as a blanket and/or stroller cover.
  • Nursing pads for breastfeeding moms. Yes, accidents do happen so be prepared.
  • Binky/Pacifier
  • Baby food or snacks.
  • Spoon.
  • Bibs. 1 for every meal or feeding time that you’ll be out
  • Burp cloths.
  • Blanket.
  • Change of Clothes because accidents do happen.
  • Sweater, jacket or hat / sunhat depending on the weather.

     For Mom:

  • Keys
  • Wallet
  • Cell phone
  • Sunglasses
  • Water
  • Snack
  • Change of clothes or shirt because accidents happen.

If you’ll be leaving your baby/child with a sitter be sure that you have all of your contact information written down including cell phone number, address and phone number of the location where you’ll be, and any specific information about your baby i.e. schedule for bottles, nap/bed time, allergies etc.  And be sure and take the sitters information with you.

Depending on each outing and how long you’ll be out, you may need to add other items accordingly.  Keep your diaper bag packed and ready to go with these essentials and save yourself time and stress.

What recommendations would you add to our Diaper Bag checklist? Share your response below.