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Delicious and Fun School Lunch Ideas For A Stress Free Start To The School Year

Delicious and Fun School Lunch Ideas For A Stress Free Start To The School Year!

Hey Mom!
Are you ready for the school year to start? Are you ready to pack lunches and get your kids up at the break of dawn?  Well, we’re going to share with you, Delicious and Fun School Lunch Ideas For A Stress Free Start To The School Year!

With your busy lifestyle, trying to figure out what to make for your child’s lunch in the morning can be daunting.  With our great school lunch ideas, making school lunches won’t be a cause of stress anymore!

Kids enjoy fun creative food! For a whimsical lunch, shape your child’s favorite sandwich into something fun using cookie cutters.   Include apple slices with peanut butter, goldfish crackers and water or their favorite juice box to round it out.

Gold Star Idea: Pepperidge Farm understands busy moms.  We love that they have made mom's job a little easier with their goldfish shaped breads. Available in white, whole wheat and honey whole wheat, there is a flavor even the pickiest eater will enjoy. 

Gold Star Idea: Dynobytes Dinosaur Sandwich Crust Cutter allow moms to easily cut off the bread crusts and cut sandwiches into two. With the perfect dinosaur cutout every time, they make eating fun and are a time saver.  

Cold fall and winter days are perfect for warm raviolis or soup in a good ol’ thermos! With great side dishes such as oranges and pretzel sticks you have a complete and healthy meal your child will love.

photo from Holidays Central

Gold Star Idea: Brighten up your child’s day by slipping a little note into his/her lunch box or create a message board  inside the lid with chalk paint!  

Fun and nutritious foods like turkey pinwheels make a great meal for your child’s lunch! With sides like fruit salad and cheese cubes you are giving your child a healthy yet delicious lunch.

If your little one LOVES pasta, pack him/her vegetable pasta and send their taste buds on a whole new adventure. Pack side dishes like blueberries and trail mix to kick-start their brain for after-lunch learning!

More Menu Ideas:

Gold Star Ideas:

  • Eco-friendly lunchboxes are a cute and conservative way to pack your child’s food! Pick up reusable utensils and a thermos for a complete, eco-friendly lunchbox.
  • Have a little more time?  Use a Bento Box and a little imagination to create a lively lunch presentation that will tickle their funny-bone. 
  •  Freeze your child’s water bottle.  It will keep lunch cool on hot days and will thaw just in time for an ice-cold drink at lunchtime.
  • Pack a personal note in your child’s lunch on the first day of school or any day to say, "I Love You".  Have something special planned after-school? Pack a note for a lunchtime surprise! 

Extra Credit: Start the school year off with a Personalized School Rocks T-shirt for any grade.  Kids love to see their name in print and this t-shirt will certainly bring a smile to their face on that very special First Day of School!

Do you have a favorite back-to-school lunch idea?  We'd love to hear from you!



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08/23/2012 at 01:01:34 PM

Thank you so much for the beautiful pohots. I think you captured her silly sweet personality perfect! I have a feeling it will always be a losing battle telling this one what to do so I'll act fast while she can't speak Thanks again!! See you (and Palmer) soon!!

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