Color and Your Baby's Room

Color and Your Baby's Room

HAPPY. JUBILANT. PEACEFUL. WARM. These words easily describe the emotions new parents feel when seeing their newborn for the very first time.  Carry those feelings on and into your nursery room design with paint when choosing your baby's room color and design a nursery room you and your child will enjoy for years!

Beautiful pinks and handsome blues continue to be the number one choices of new parents when designing their baby's room, but today's savvy parents recognize that their baby's room can be an extension of their personal style, while remaining child-like.

Choosing your paint colors.  Brights, Whites, Neutrals and Pastels.  The choices are many.

  • Warm Colors:
    Red, Orange and Yellow fall within the warm spectrum on the color wheel and
    create a feeling of excitement and fun; they also establish a sense of welcoming. Warm colors can make a large room feel more intimate and cozy,  However, when used in  baby's room, the intensity of the color must be considered.  As your baby develops her sense of the intensity of the colors surrounding her also intensifies. Considering using a muted down version of these colors such as terracotta for red or orange.  Or, pair a warm color with its complimentary cool shade to tone it down.  Also consider using warm colors in their pure form as "pops" of color with white to create a modern and sophisticated look.   that can easily transition as you change from baby's nursery to "big kid" room as your child grows.

    Red is the color of energy, it’s bold, it’s powerful, it’s vibrant.  Red excites and energizes.


    Orange is warm and comforting. It is welcoming and gives a room a sense of fun whimsy.

    Yellow is bright and cheery.  Yellow is associated with happiness and friendliness.
  • Cool Colors:
    Green, Blue and Purple fall within the cool spectrum on the color wheel and can make a smaller room feel more spacious.  Cool colors can have a calming and relaxing effect.  However, when used in their purest form may make a room feel cold or gloomy.  Consider using various shades of cool colors in a room; for example, shades of blue or green  when used together can create an outdoor-sy or open air feel. 

    Blue is a calming color and is often associated with tranquility, Think of the vast blue ocean and blue sky.

    Purple is often associated with wisdom and royalty.  It can also have a luxurious feel.

    Green is the color of nature and promotes a serene and calming environment.

  • Whites and Neutral Colors:
    White, Grey, Brown and Black are considered neutral colors.  Whites have a cool effect.  They are perceived to create an airy, pure, clear, serene feel for a room. For baby's room, variations of white can be used to represent a sense of newness and innocence - stunning fit for a newborn baby.
    You can easily pair whites with any color from the warm and cool color spectrum.  Use those in moderation to create a clean, crisp look that can easily be "grown into".

    Grey, Brown and Black are no longer taboo in a nursery room.  When paired with whites or other colors on the color wheel they can become a charming addition.  Some trendy and currently popular pairings are soft pink or aqua with gray, pink or blue and brown, yellow and gray and black and white with pops of bright colors.
  • Pastels and lighter colors are simply your favorite colors from the color spectrum muted and toned down to create a softer shade and variations of a color.  Pastel colors such as blush (a variation of the color red) can be used to create a feeling of peacefulness and warmth. 

Helpful Hint: Consider using a non-toxic paint brand like Mythic Non-Toxic paint.  It is has zero-VOC,  zero-carcinogenic and is available in almost every color you could imagine.

Helpful Hint: Any color can be the perfect color for your baby's room - some of today's trendy favorites are gray paired with either soft pink, aqua blue and even charcoal and white.  Just have fun and remember, it's only paint you can always change it.