Baby Room Design 101: 5 design tips for creating the nursery room of your dreams

Baby Room Design 101: 5 design tips for creating the nursery room of your dreams

A baby's room soon becomes the center of the home.  The place where your child will learn, play and grow. Planning for your baby's room is one of the most exciting times for new parents.  From choosing the decor and deciding on the perfect baby bedding, you have full creative control to design the nursery room of your dreams!

1.   Location:

If you have a choice on which room to choose for your baby's new room, choose the room closest to your bedroom.  This allows you to hear your newborn throughout the night.  If the room is more than a few steps away opt to use a portable baby monitor that you can take with you wherever you are in the house.

Helpful Hint: Assure that your baby sleeps well by reducing the noise levels in the room and in the home during naps and at night.  You'll benefit from longer naps just as much as your baby will.

2.   Color: 
Brights, Whites, Primaries and Pastels.  The choices are many.

Long gone are the days when parents only chose pink or blue for their baby's room.  Although these continue to be the most popular color choices, the number of available colors and color trends for baby's rooms are numerous and lay the foundation for the overall "feeling" you want to achieve in order to personalize your baby room. 

Bright colors like orange and bright pink create a feeling of excitement and fun.  When paired with white they create a modern and sophisticated look that can easily transition as you change from baby's nursery to "big kid" room as your child grows. Colors like orange are perceived as emotionally stimulating, energetic, vibrant and fun!

Whites have a cool effect.  They are perceived to create an airy, pure, clear, serene feel for a room. For baby's room, variations of white can be used to represent a sense of newness and innocence - stunning fit for a newborn baby.

Primary colors of red, blue and green can be used to create a playful and child-like environment.  Easily use primary colors together for a room with an energetic flair or use to add "POPS" of color with a white room. 

Pastels and lighter colors are simply your favorite colors muted and toned down to create a softer shade and variation of color.  Pastel colors such as blush (a variation of the color pink) can be used to create a feeling of peacefulness and warmth. 

Helpful Hint: Any color can be the perfect color for your baby's room - some of today's trendy favorites are gray paired with either soft pink, aqua blue and even charcoal and white.  Just have fun and remember, it's only paint you can always change it.

Helpful Hint:
Consider using a non-toxic paint brand like Mythic Non-Toxic paint.  It is has zero-VOC,  zero-carcinogenic and is available in almost every color you could imagine.

3.  Baby Room Furniture:
From contemporary to traditional.  Black, white or wood.  Baby room furniture is available in styles to suit the most discerning parents' style demands.  When choosing your baby's room furniture safety and function should always be at the top of your list.  Popular, basic baby room furniture pieces include the crib, dresser, changing table, and glider or rocking chair.

When you plan the layout of your baby's room, position furniture and decor so that you can move around freely and seamlessly flow to feed your baby, change diapers etc.

Baby Crib:   Your baby's crib will be the highlight of the room and usually dictates the style of the rest of your baby room furniture.  There are many different types of cribs available today.  Those include round cribs and convertible cribs which convert into "big kid" beds allowing you to extend the life of the furniture from months to years.

Helpful Hint:  The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) banned the sale of adjustable side rails for safety reasons. Do not purchase or accept a used crib with an adjustable side rails.

Helpful Hint:  Today,  many parents choose to keep their newborn in the room with them during the first few weeks. If you will be keeping baby close by, consider using a baby bassinet or Moses basket for sleeping until your baby is ready to move into a crib.

4.   Linens and Baby Crib Bedding:
Crib bedding is an essential part of your baby's nursery room and many times it sets the theme for baby's nursery. The colors, patterns and styles of crib bedding available today are nearly endless allowing you to create a baby room that perfectly suits your style.

With so many baby crib bedding choices you can elect to buy a perfectly matched bedding set in an  adorable theme or your favorite story book characters.  Or,  mix and match separates. Just have fun and do not be afraid to mix colors and patterns as well. 
Stripes paired with polka dots is always playful and delightful and layers of similar colors embellished with just a splash of color can create a more sophisticated appearance. 

Hint: Keep extra crib sheets and change the sheets often.  Inevitably accidents will happen. Choose breathable fabrics like 100% cotton which fits snuggly around your baby's mattress.

Hint: Keep blankets, pillows and plush toys out of your baby's crib. These are sweet to look at and can be charming; however, your baby should never be left alone in his/her bed with any loose fabrics or toys. Instead, choose to keep these pieces on your rocking chair.  

5.   Baby Room Decor:
Baby room decor... it's like the cherry on top of your sundae.  It can pull a room together and puts the final finishes on your dream nursery room.  When choosing your decor, in addition to style and color, look for pieces that are fashionable AND functional. Canvas storage bins for baby's room are a wonderful way to hide and store baby essentials but add one with a hand painted owl and now it's fashionably, functional art! 

  • Personalized wall art makes a wonderful keepsake and will be enjoyed for years.
  • Shelving is a great way to organize your baby's nursery room and a chandelier will add a dramatic effect.

Hint: Frame pages from your favorite childhood storybook to create novel wall art that is meaningful. 

By using our 5 Design Tips for Creating The Nursery Room of Your Dreams you can create an amazing nursery room that you and your child will enjoy for years!

Baby Room Design 101:  5 design tips for creating the nursery room of your dreams.