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Safety Tips for Kids

Whether deciding when to start feeding your baby solids or protecting your child from the sun, these Safety Tips For Kids will provide much needed peace-of-mind.

STOP! Do Not Use Sunscreen Sprays On Your Children

Do you love the convenience of a spray sunscreen?  We do.  However, recently, the Food and Drug Administration announced that it was investigating the potential risks of spray sunscreens, particularly for children.

Graco recalls harness buckles on more than 3.7 million baby and toddler car seats.

Graco Recalls Harness Buckles on more than 3.7 million baby and toddler car seats.

It's Heating Up. Is Your Family Weather Ready? Hot Weather Safety Rules.

Pool Safety: 10 Safety Concerns for Parents With Pools

One of the quickest ways to become the most popular parents on the block is to install a swimming pool in your backyard. Guaranteeing hours of fun through the dog days of summer, pools are the centerpiece of a great backyard bash and a delight for all ages. There are, however, a few safety concerns that parents should acknowledge before opening their new oasis to the public; here are ten of the most important:

Sun Safety Tips for Children: Don't Let the Weather Be Your Guide. Protect Your Child from Over-exposure to the Sun’s Harmful Rays with These Helpful Sunburn Prevention Tips and Sunburn Treatment

Don't let their summer fun be ruined due to over-exposure to the sun's harmful rays.  By following these easy preventative measures, you and your little one can have a summer full of laughter and memories to last a lifetime. 

10 Vacation Tips For A (almost) Stress Free Flight When Flying with Young Children

How will you keep your children entertained for hours at the airport and then on the plane. YIKES! Well, before you pick up the phone and cancel your reservations read our 10 Vacation Tips for A (almost) Stress Free Flight When Flying with Young Children.

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