Nursery Room Design Ideas and Trends for Every Parent

The excitement of preparing for the arrival of a new baby seems to create a frenzy of activity. These articles and tips are designed to help every parent create the nursery room of your dreams!

Zainy for ZigZag: Our Love Affair with Chevron Stripes

Zainy for ZigZag: Our Love Affair with Chevron Stripes

Spring 2014 Baby Nursery Room Trends: The Golden Age

Spring 2014 is promising to be the Golden Age for all things baby.  From dazzling gold baby bedding and clever gold leaf, nursery room wall art, to simple luxuries like gold baby headbands to baby shoes, parents are reaching for the gold this season.

Baby Room Design 101: 5 design tips for creating the nursery room of your dreams

A baby's room soon becomes the center of the home.  The place where your child will learn, play and grow. Planning for your baby's room is one of the most exciting times for new parents.  From choosing the decor and deciding on the perfect baby bedding, you have full creative control to design the nursery room of your dreams!

Baby Moses Baskets - Choice of the Duchess of Cambridge

No longer made of harsh reed and grasses,  today's baby Moses baskets provide newborns with an inviting space by Mom's side. Practical and beautiful, it’s no wonder why they are considered a baby must have by moms all over the world.