Baby Moses Baskets - Choice of the Duchess of Cambridge

Baby Moses Baskets - Choice of the Duchess of Cambridge

The tradition of Moses baskets goes back far beyond today’s baby nursery room trends to biblical times and the story of Moses being placed in a reed basket and set afloat on the Nile.  (Exodus 2:1-10).  No longer made of harsh reed and grasses,  today's baby Moses baskets provide newborns with an inviting space by Mom's side. Practical and beautiful, it’s no wonder why they are considered a baby must have by moms all over the world.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has announced that she will use an heirloom Moses basket when the royal  baby arrives. As a result, expecting mothers previously unfamiliar with the convenience of a luxury Moses basket are now considering this functional gem as an ideal portable bassinet for their own babies. After all, if the Duchess of Cambridge finds a Moses basket good enough for the royal nursery, surely every new babe should be blessed with his own!

Baby bassinets have been named by moms everywhere as an essential; a necessity, and a Moses basket is not only practical, but luxurious and simply adorable!  We anticipate that expecting mothers worldwide will flock to include a luxury Moses basket on their wish lists and baby gift registries this year.  With visions of the beautiful, luxurious royal baby nursery in  mind, a new generation of proud moms and parents will discover Moses baskets and the convenience of a portable baby bed and cherished family heirloom to pass on.

Moses baskets are an exceptional choice when you are in need of a portable baby bed.  The portability of Moses baskets is one of the reasons they are so popular and have been used by new moms for generations. Baby is always safe and secure with mom near, and having a Moses basket keeps your new babe near you at all times. Being able to lay your baby down in a comfortable, secure space while keeping him nearby allows you peace-of-mind while handling daily tasks while keeping the closest eye on your newborn.

Wendy Anne Moses Baskets offer beautiful, heirloom baskets that are just right for the soon to be born babe in your life. With a lovely variety of prints for boys, girls and even unisex baskets in a varying range of prices, you are sure to find the perfect luxury Moses basket for your baby or as the perfect baby shower gift.

When choosing your Moses basket, make sure to purchase one with a canopy to keep the wind and sun off of baby's delicate skin if you spend a lot of time outdoors. 100% cotton, ensures only the best will touch your little one’s skin. The padding in a basket is also important for your baby’s comfort.

Saige Nicole's offer you only the highest quality products, and has a variety of Moses baskets to accommodate all budgets. So whether you’re in search of an heirloom baby shower gift for a loved one, or are considering this newborn essential for your newborn, we have you taken care of.