5 Tips to keep your baby warm and cozy this winter

5 ways to keep your baby warm and stylish this winter

5 ways to keep your baby warm and stylish this winter

1.  Dress in layers.

  • Achieve the popular two-fer look by layer a long sleeve tee underneath a short sleeve tee.  By doing this you achieve the popular two-fer look using clothes your child already owns.
  • Layer dresses and skirts over favorite knit leggings or jeans and add a long sleeve turtleneck underneath any with short sleeves.  This is a great way to get more wear from dresses and skirts that have been outgrown and are otherwise destined for the hand-me-down pile.

Tip: A good rule of thumb for cold winter days is to dress your little one in one layer of clothing more than what you are comfortable in.

2. Use A Stroller/Car Seat Bunting. 

Don’t let cold weather keep you bound up inside.

  • When you need to keep baby warm during car rides, choose to layer clothing and opt for blankets in lieu of bulky jackets which can be uncomfortable and may even compromise your car seats’ safety.  Instead, opt for a warm and comfy blanket.  The stroller blankets from my Baby Bella Maya  have straps that tie to your baby’s car seat or stroller keeping them in place and baby covered.
  • Cuddle baby up and use a cozy stroller bunting like the Mont Blanc stroller bunting by Fleurisse Leon and you’re riding in stylish luxury.  What makes this piece so special is the quality of the bunny-loving faux-fur sourced in France from the premiere imitation-fur manufacturer on the market. The full flap fits perfectly over the back of the seat, covering it with luxurious softness that your baby will love to be swaddled in. Belt openings allow your stroller’s security belts to fit through easily, keeping your baby girl safe and warm.
  • The JJ Cole infant Bundle Me car seat cover is great option for long drives or walks in cold weather.  It sports a double-zipper design for ease of use. Its top layer can be attached or removed easily when needed. Made of polyester, this baby car seat cover is machine washable and easy to maintain.  Compatible with most baby car seats, most strollers, and most baby jogger.

JJ Cole Bundle Me

3. Bundle Baby Bunting.

This time of year we find ourselves going from inside to outside regularly.  So choose a baby bunting that suits your needs.

  • For longer outdoor activities or a jaunt out to look at Christmas lights, consider using a hooded baby sack like this one from My Blankee.  One part suede, one part fuzzy, both sides are soft and smooth and features snaps for ease of fitting and changing.  The lined hood helps to protect your little one’s head and neck keeping baby warm from head to toe.
  • When you are going out to play in the snow then be sure to keep your baby warm and dry.   Choose pieces that are waterproof including pants, jacket, boots, mitts and hat.

Tip: Do not use buntings in car seats.

Sueded Fuzzy Baby Bunting by My Blankee

Sueded Fuzzy Baby Bunting by My Blankee

4.  Don’t Forget The Hat.

  • Keep your baby’s body heat in with hats and mitts.  Skin that is exposed to the cold will loose the body heat that you can otherwise trap by using warm hats and mitts.  There are so many fashionable ones available these days so you’ll have plenty to choose from like the PomPom knit hat by Jamie Rae.

5.  Say “No, No” to Crib Blankets.

  • While we may like to bundle up in a warm cozy blanket, a loose blanket in the crib is an absolute no-no.  When you need to make sure baby is warm and cozy all night, try using a sleep sack/bag.   Sleep sacks replace loose blankets in the crib that can cover your baby’s face and interfere with breathing. In addition to helping your baby sleep safer, it has been said they help baby to sleep better, too. My Blankee Sleep Sack shown below.

Baby Sleep Sack by My Blankee

Tip: Keep an eye on your baby’s temperature. It is just as easy for a baby to catch a chill as it is for them to overheat. If you are in a heated car for an extended period of time, in a mall or any other warm surrounding, makes sure you remove the blanket or even a layer of clothing so that they don’t perspire. The sweat can make your baby even colder when you head back outside.