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5 Quick and Easy Recipe Ideas for Leftover Easter Eggs

5 Quick and Easy Recipe Ideas for Leftover Easter Eggs

It's the day after Easter and you open your refrigerator to a kaleidoscope of hard boiled Easter eggs. Now what? Well you eat them of course. With the kids back at school and mom and dad back to work there are plenty of opportunities to feed the family. Below are some of my favorite recipe ideas that will clear your refrigerator in no time.

Special Note: Eggs are an allergen and most pediatric sources recommend to not introduce eggs to children 1 year and younger. Parents should discuss the introduction of eggs with their child's pediatrician. 
1. Deviled eggs: These are a party favorite and recipes for deviled eggs are everywhere on the internet. I personally like mine with a bit of mustard, mayonnaise, dash of vinegar for some zing and topped off with paprika. 
2. Chefs salad: Chop your egg up into your favorite green salad, add a few cubes of ham or turkey and voila your everyday garden salad is transformed. I like my chef salad with ranch dressing but almost anything will work. 
3. Egg salad sandwiches: This is not a favorite with my children but I love them. Dice up your hard boiled eggs; add mayonnaise, mustard and a bit of pickle relish for extra flavor. Spread it on your favorite bread or eat with your favorite crackers. 
4. Potato salad with eggs: Turn your favorite potato salad into a chunky potato salad and add egg for a new family favorite. I call it chunky potato salad because I like to cut everything into large bite sized pieces; including potato, eggs, black olives, radishes and celery.
5. The simple hard boiled egg: Add a dash of salt and pepper for a nutritious snack. 
For those who love a show, below is the link to a fun video of a clever family who have been using eggshells for over 50 years to create a spectacle that every family will enjoy.



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