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5 Toys Tots Love for $25 or Less

5 Toys Tots Love for $25 or Less

Toys…Toys…Toys! All children love toys and as parents and grandparents we love to give them. Better yet, we love to give toys even more when they have an underlying benefit like educational toys or toys that allow children to use their imagination. Well, we’ve picked some of our favorite educational Toys Tots Love for $25 or Less that encourage family participation and playful imagination.

1.  Lacing Cards: Little fingers will have a blast lacing around some of their favorite things from animals, to fairies and things that go in the air.eeBoo Lacing Cards come with 5 wonderfully illustrated, sturdy cards designed to help enhance hand-eye coordination and sharpen fine motor skills and are great on a rainy day or snow day when cooped up inside!

2.  Bingo: BINGO! We’ve all shouted it out and some time in our lives but did you know that while you were having all that fun you were developing matching skills and quick thinking skills too? In the eeBoo Animal Bingo, the classic Bingo game gets a facelift. Beautiful animal illustrations add to the fun of this traditional favorite. Seven round playing boards feature 6 animals a piece, that are drawn as circle-shaped chips from the cotton drawstring bag. Add this to your list of Family Game Night favorites now.

3.  Matching Games:Matching games like the eeBoo I Never Forget A Face, help to develop the child's brain in formative years; improving thinking skills, logical skills, visual skills, mathematical skills and responsiveness. And all this while playing and having fun! With the eeBoo I Never Forget A Face memory game, the smiling faces of 24 children from countries all over the world are fun and sometimes challenging to match. The back cover shows each child and identifies their home country. Add another layer of fun an pull out a world map and help

your child find the country of each of the children on the cards.

4.Kimochis: Kimochis are amazing! These newer toys with feelings inside are designed to help your little one develop social and emotional intelligence. (KEY.MO.CHEE) means “feeling” in Japanese. Feelings can be messy…Kimochis can help! Using the Kimochi characters, each has a different and distinct personality, kids can get in touch with their own emotions in a fun and comfortable way; and when kids can communicate their feelings, they cultivate confidence and character!

5.  Dolls: Childhood is not complete with a favorite plush or doll. During pretend play children enhance language development, including vocabulary skills, storytelling, and oral communication; and improve social skills as children reenact and recreate their day through imaginative play. While dolls have become more and more sophisticated, many parents and grandparents are turning to a simpler time and the popularity of Rag Dolls like the handmade Rag Dolls by Empress Arts, are gaining in popularity. And children don’t seem to mind one bit that there are no batteries needed.




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