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3 Ideas for Baby Shower Gifts That Stand Out

At the last baby shower you attended did the new parents receive a gift that guests could not stop talking about it?  Were the parents- to- be enchanted by its appeal and immediately, you knew that that gift was the prized keepsake?

A large part of celebrating the birth of a baby with family and friends is sharing in the emotions and in the journey.  So, why settle for a baby shower gift that is less than special?

After months of waiting in anticipation for the birth of their baby, parents-to-be look forward to the excitement and fun that the baby shower brings.  Eating, drinking, and being merry is just one part of the fun, but everyone looks forward to the opening of the gifts!

So, how can you make your baby shower gifts stand out?  Here are 3 ideas for baby shower gifts stand out and that are sure to get noticed.  

1. Have it personalized.  A personalized baby gift guarantees uniqueness.  Items like baby blankets, bibs, plush toys and baby burp cloth sets can be embroidered with the baby’s name, initials or monogram.  You can even include the date of birth if the parents are having a post baby, baby shower!

2. Inscribe it.  Girls, at any age, love jewelry.  So, include a beautiful piece of jewelry for mom or baby, personalized with an engraved inscription.  Make the presentation dramatic by wrapping it in such a way to create a presentation to behold.  A lovely feature of jewelry is that it can be put in a safe place until a later date if baby is not born at the time of the celebration. You can then take it to be inscribed with all the relevant information like the baby’s name, date of birth and even include the birthstone.

3. Give a gift for the parents.  The transition into parenthood can be scary and exhausting. Help make that transition a little easier with a gift of stylish baby gear.  A unisex diaper bag is very helpful, especially when dad goes out alone with baby. Active parents will enjoy a jogging stroller so that they can continue their active lifestyle.  And a gift voucher for a night of babysitting and a night out will help to revitalize the exhausted parents and provide them with much needed alone time.

So, next time you are looking for a baby shower gift, stay away from the registry and indulge the new parents with a baby shower gift that they will cherish, use and appreciate far beyond words.



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